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Motivational Speaker

Looking for an Australian Motivational Speaker for your next event or seminar? Rosie Pekar is the consummate professional with international experience.

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Corporate Speaker

Rosie Pekar's speeches have motivated and inspired Australian and International companies to boost morale and productivity. Could your company do with more than a pep talk?

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Public Speaking

For all public events, Rosie Pekar is available for guest speaking with a range of speeches design to inspire the audience. Schools are welcome customers too.


Motivational Speaker, Rosie Pekar – Professional Catalyst of Inspiration

From Police Woman to Professional “But” Kicker! Are you ready to Kick “BUT”?

Across Australia, America and Asia thousands have already experienced the phenomenal power of motivational speaker, Rosie Pekar – “Professional ‘BUT’ Kicker”.

As the absolute leader in changing minds, in whatever field, when it comes to workshops for changing and challenging thought processes, Rosie, as an inspirational speaker, is the expert in kicking those “Bloody Useless Thoughts”.

Are you looking for a dynamic, Motivational Speaker? Get Australia’s best!

As only 1 of 4 Australians showcased Internationally by the Australian Government as a Success Specialist, and officially recognised by the US government with ‘Extra-ordinary Ability’ -Rosie has a solution to every problem and a strategy for surefire success, no matter what diversity and cultural challenges throw into the mix. See what those direct experiences from around the globe can do for you and your business. Contact KickBut today!

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Described as “energetic, on point and a game changer“, Rosie is inspirational, to the point and speaks with humour on challenging real-life stories whilst presenting in keynote addresses &  as a guest speaker across varied industries.

Rosie, as a keynote & motivational speaker  worldwide, specialises in success building topics including women in leadership, personal development, motivation, negotiation,  stressbusting and resilience programs- a ‘must hear’ at your next event.

Read Rosie’s “Motivational Speaker Bio” for more information…

What Our Client Says
Cassandra House- Arbonne Cassandra House- Arbonne
The day was to DIE FOR and the team are in love and want you every time! YOU surely changed lives and it was just a game changer having you!
Aussie Unique RentalsAussie Unique Rentals
Rosie is terrific. Had a full hall of people eating out of her hand. As a business, you have been a great asset to our staff's training and motivation.
The Banksia Financial GroupThe Banksia Financial Group
“Rosie dynamically encourages her audience to feel empowered to take control of themselves. She did it for me! Challenging and Powerful.”