About Rosie Pekar, The “Professional ‘BUT’ Kicker”!

Kicking BUT – or “Bloody Useless Thoughts” – is her mission. And it seems people can’t get enough of her no-excuses, Kick “BUT” strategies. As the ‘BUT Kicker’, Rosie’s life-altering presentations will challenge, motivate and inspire you to deliberately create your own success.

“If you have seen Rosie live you’re in for a treat and if you haven’t been to a presentation yet, your still in luck as we are just kickstarting the Motivational Media here where you can access Rosie live and even better free but don’t tell her that- she says “I was born free, now I’m expensive!”

Rosie uses all her past lives/ experiences to navigate through serious and challenging issues that many of us at some time in our life will experience or know someone that is experiencing personal or physical loss, tragedy, depression, suffering. On a lighter note she highlights challenges of our own creation and provides loads of tools to traverse from challenge to change and to living the life you love!

Rosie’s been a Policewoman for 8 years, a Private Investigator for 8 years, A fitness leader and rehabilitation provider for over 20 years together with being a author (4 books on psychology) combining that with her passion ( physics and people) and you get a whole lot of life experience. She provided trauma therapy in Aceh after the Boxing day tsunami of 2004 where almost 200,000 lives were lost. She lost her own mother a week before mothers day, her father was buried on Valentines Day and her best friend gone just after her 30th birthday so has a depth of compassion not developed from the sidelines watching. As an adventuress she has slept in a crocodile bed in Australia’s wilderness of the Northern Territory being the only white woman on sacred sites territory and has served as part of the personal protection taskforce to her Royal Highness for the Australia Day Bicentennial Celebrations in 1988 and as such has been featured with aspects of her life story in “Secrets Of Inspiring Women Exposed!” ( Chapter 1 in Australia) and “Mission Possible! (Chapter 4 in USA) Rosie believes in living life to your fullest and that if you have a desire- you also have the ability to fulfill that desire!

“She is seriously unique.”

Paul Dunn, Results Australia

“The benefit of all this diversity is to understand the many situations people can find themselves in and the tools required to get from one state of feeling to an improved state as quickly as possible. Many people are quick to gloss over issues saying “its all good.” or “Challlenge is just a state of mind”…well I’ve had a shotgun in my face …that was not in my mind and when I delivered the death message to a grieving mother I wouldn’t blame her for slapping the first person who said “its all good!” On a spiritual level it may be however we are not all on the same level playing field and you can’t bounce from feeling bad to feeling great unless your bipolar. Its a gradual process that for some can occur very quickly- some may need more direction to find their own way and

that’s what KickBut is all about…its the attitude of finding more ways to feel good- and less ways to feel bad!”

Rosie has often said “I’m as subtle as a heart-attack , however you will recover from me!”

The goal is not just to recover, its to be inspired to be the best version of yourself that amazes and delights yourself and others!

If you watch this footage from Aceh below take note of the lone palm that remained standing when so many others fell, that represents to me the spirit within each of us that stands strong irrespective of what adversity occurs around us. May you live your life empowered with strength and spirit as we all play a part each day!