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For most people today, our lives centre around crime, violence and reality t.v. It’s a vicious cycle, learned habits kill our success, massacring our future and all beyond the powers of the Police. Our entrusted law enforcers are helpless to combat what happens in our brains. All crime begins as an idea before an action.

Former girl in blue, Rosie Pekar has gone from a cop to a penguin suit and now as an International Author and Speaker combats crime at its creation. Mind of a murderer, what’s the difference between us and them?

A thought… a scary thought.

As an expert in Kicking But, Rosie is determined to use her real life experiences to get rid of the “Bloody Useless Thoughts” that hold Aussies back. She insists that there are only 2 schools of thought. Ones that lead you to more of what you don’t want and they usually start with a ‘but’…

You can always tell by the results which kind you have been using. In her book, “Time to Kick But!”, Rosie deals directly with self sabotage and stresses the need to work with what you’ve always got…your thoughts.

In having identified your enemy, your crook thoughts, we are better equipped to fight and win the battle of the brain. Self sabotage for many has proved to be an elusive criminal and master of diisguise. Using an expert and experienced investigator to uncover personal deceptive practices is getting results!

Rosemary Pekar, author of Time to Kick BUT is the absolute leader in changing minds. Whatever field, when it comes to changing and challenging thought processes, she is the expert.

Through her vast and varied experiences as a Police woman, Private Investigator and Security Operative/Trainer, she developed a ‘Kick BUT’ mentality and the means to combat those ‘Bloody Useless Thoughts’.

Today, she is an enthusiastic, empowering and inspirational speaker – who takes no prisoners!

Though not much bigger than Thumbelina, she packs a powerful punch in delivering her presentations, which are not only impactful and stimulating, but include great ‘take home’ value for all participants.


  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Negotiation
  • Personal Development
  • Lifestyle
  • Success

Popular presentations include:

  • Make it Happen NOW. Time to Kick BUT! – Create energy and excitement, utilising originality and quality that sets you apart from the competition by developing rutbusting tactics and strategies to transform surviving to thriving!
  • The Art of Powerful Thinking – Develop the ability to resolve personal and professional conflict, and attract success. The power of mind is easy to use, limitless and ever-present. Don’t put your brain on a budget!
  • Peak Performance – Fast Track Your Success -16 principles to turn around and turbo-charge your success. Generate the incentive to challenge and surpass the status quo. Embrace change and dare to achieve more.

Rosemary is a passionate believer in the powerful use of a positive mind and in doing UNTIL! Using real world anecdotes, her keynotes are delivered in a fun and light-hearted, albeit challenging and thought-provoking, manner.

Time to get what you want! No BUTS about it.

What People Say

A must for anyone pursuing excellence.”
— Graeme Alford, Australia’s Masters in Business Seminars

— Tom O’Toole, Beechworth Bakery, Australia’s Best Bakery

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