Guest Speakers in Melbourne, Australia

Guest Speakers Can Kick All “Buts”

Guest speakers are great motivators who try to inspire the audience and extract all negative thoughts going on in their minds. In Australia, there are hundreds of guest speakers in Melbourne and each one of them tries his/her own tricks and punch lines which may inspire one to do well in life. Our speaker “Rosie Pekar” at “Kick But” is invited as a motivational guide in many seminars and other gatherings which may involve a lot of people from organisations to general masses.

Role of Guest Speakers

Usually guest speakers are not directly related to the event in which they are delivering a speech. They give an outsider’s view on a topic and cite positive examples so as to motivate the audience. A guest speaker enters the stage with some dance numbers or with an attractive round of gestures to light up the mood entirely. This is done to get the minds of the audience running as hours of sitting can get anyone bored and he/she may not be able to receive what the speaker is trying to tell them. Therefore, first they try to entertain the audience and then deliver the speech.

The organisers may give a demographic and psychographic brief of the audience to us but sometimes, she spends first 5 minutes of her speech trying to assess the audience’s mind. It is not necessary that whatever the guest speakers say will be accepted and applauded by the audience. It is very essential for a speaker to connect with their audience and the examples he/she cites.

The Motivational Factor

Most of the time, the sole motive of a guest speaker is to motivate the audience. They do so by doing some or all of the following.

  • Cites positive examples of great personalities of the world who have struggled their way to stardom. These examples are usually a story of rags to riches and involve wealthy businessmen and sports stars who have struggled throughout their life before reaching the pinnacle in their field.
  • Our speaker “Rosie” may relate with the audience with a story of their own life. These examples may be emotional, funny or awkward but in some way or the other, they are delivered to inspire the audience and remove all “buts” from their minds.
  • The speech delivered is in sync with the audience listening and she will always try to relate with the audience so that they are connected throughout the speech.

Rosie Pekar has delivered several speeches in Australia, Asia and America wherein she has been able to inspire the audience and been successful in eliminating all the negative thoughts going in their minds. She is the star speaker of Kick But who has been invited and applauded all over the world because the way she inspires the audience and empowers them with her speech, nobody does.


Rosie Pekar is one of the best motivational guest speakers in Australia. She has been kicking the “but” since many years and has been able to inspire the audience by doing miracles in their life. People have always welcomed her with open arms wherever she has been invited as a guest speaker. To move ahead in life, you need to get all those negative thoughts out of your mind. There should not be any “what if” or “but” holding you back in your life and once you hear our speaker, you will face no issues in moving smoothly on the path of life because it is not as difficult as you think it is.

The fear of failure always plays in your mind and this is what pulls you back into not even trying to do something to change the monotony and sadness that has been filled in your life. She opens up your mind and inspires you to try all those things that you so wanted to do in your life but have averted from it because of some reason which is most of the times silly. Rosie Pekar will give a leaf or two from her life which may inspire your mind into achieving something great in life.

So gear up and connect with Rosie Pekar at Kick But to realistically kick that but from your life!!!