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Rosie Pekar

Rosie’s a supreme motivator who speaks with humor and challenging, real-life stories and is a pioneer in getting results. Nicknamed “The ‘But’ Kicker!”, and described as “a knock-out!”, she accepts no excuses, cop-outs or But’s when it comes to getting what you want! Through her vast and varied experiences as a Policewoman, Private Investigator and Independent Businesswoman, in order to not only survive but to conquer, she developed a ‘kick-but’ mentality. She is an enthusiastic, empowering and inspirational woman who lives life to the fullest!

Past Media Coverage

  • Expert columnist for XL Magazine, global subscription of 60,000 entrepeneurs.
  • As featured on 3AK, 2UE, 5AA, ABC, 3NE, 2AY, 4BC, HOTFM, 2CC, 5DN, WOR710AM (Joey Reynolds Show – New York)
  • Her articles have appeared in Vision Magazine (U.S) Mind, Body & Spirit (U.S) Australian Business Success, Australian Business Essentials, The Sydney Leader, The Border Mail, Dolly Magazine & Fitness First.
  • Author of “Time to Kick But”, “Art of Powerful Living.” and “Facts of Life Exposed.”
  • Featured in “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” ( Australia) and “Mission Possible (U.S.A)
  • She has also featured in Lifestyle programs, MPowerTv (U.S), The Time of Your Life, Sunrise, Today Tonight and news Prime and Win tv.


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  • Personal Power and Resilience Programs
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  • Health and Vitality
  • Women in Leadership
  • Butkicking to get Results
  • Leadership with Integrity

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Rosie says “We keep on doing the same thing yet expect a different result. We want everyone and everything to change before we will. We lay blame and think the problem lies out ‘there’. In fact in one year 75,000 Australians will attempt to commit suicide,of which 7 each day will die, 1 out of 5 will develop depression, countless business’ go bankrupt and 55,300 people will have gone through divorce and we are the ‘lucky’ country. The problem is definetely not out there.

Rosie says, “Life is a creative thinking process whereby if you don’t like the results that you currently have, you always have the power to make changes. Change can be stressful so be aware of what your body is telling you.Your body has a voice called pain, and if you don’t listen to it, it will yell. After all, the first symptom of heart attack in 30% of cases is sudden death. A bit late for a lifestyle change then!”

Rosie says “Attitudes are toxic. Are you aware that 20 minutes exposure to something that makes you feel good automatically doubles your T cells otherwise known as your immunity. Conversely, 20 minutes exposure to what makes you feel sad, depressed or stressed automatically halves your immunity. Toxins in the mind manifest as dis-ease in the body. There is no such thing as a neutral thought, each one leaves a residue in your body. It’s either one that makes you feel good or one that makes you feel bad. You are creating your own mental habitat each day.After all, it is you that you are guaranteed to spend the rest of your life with, better make it a good relationship!”


1. Rosie, I know that you were a policewoman and private investigator but why the name ‘butkicker’?

It’s the simple philosophy that I adhere to in life. I believe that I either have the results that I want and if I don’t I will have the reasons, or more aptly – the ‘buts’. In identifying the ‘buts’, the copouts & justifications, I can then face them and replace them with what will get me to the results. The sole purpose of ‘butkicking’ is to identify and rectify excuses so that I can have anything I want!

2. You have written a book, funnily enough titled ‘Time to kick BUT’. What is your aim with writing this book?

My goal is to increase awareness as to how phenomenally powerful we all are when we know how to use what we have. Do you know how to ‘operate’ you? Did you get an instruction manual at birth? No, probably learning by trial and error like the rest of us. The good thing is if you learn from all the mistakes that other people have made then you don’t need to repeat them yourself; this then enables you to shortcut to the results that you do want. That’s what I’ve written, the book of shortcuts to get what you want deliberately… by design.. instead of getting what you don’t want by default. I got tired of getting what I didn’t want, so I decided to share the ‘how not to’s’. When I gave up on doing the same thing – I got a different result which was what I wanted.

3. Rosie, I believe you have spoken to many ‘mature’ groups both personally and professionally. What is your message to them?

People always want what they haven’t got – especially when it comes to good health. Never does it become so important, other than when you are experiencing pain or illness. Pain is an attention getter – my goal is to draw attention first and beat disease. My message is that the ability to enhance one’s quality of life and health is the first priority in life. I mean, what is the point of adding years to your life when there is no life in those years! A lot of ‘baby boomers’ are reaching an age of ‘wisdom’ when they are re-evaluating their priorities in life, many after having been forced into their ‘wisdom’ by crisis. I’d like to see them re-evaluate and choose life, real living, as healthy vibrant dynamic role models for the next generation that follows – since we always want what some-one else has got. In order to make informed choices we need the right knowledge that will lead us to the results we want. I tell them to get the ‘right‘ knowledge that empowers instead of disempowers their lives.

4. For a young person, you have faced many challenges. What has been the greatest challenge?

Death. It is a great incentive plan to live and I mean to live well. There is a certainty that I shall die… just like everyone else I have no guarantee to continue to ‘be’ therefore I intend to ‘be’ whilst I can and in the best way possible. Many people sacrifice health and happiness in order to just ‘exist’. That’s not life and it is amazing to see how many people go through near death or major traumatic crises to evolve into a person who now lives. Yet up until that point, they never truly had, for fear of death.

5. Your own personal transformation is shared in your book. Do you believe that change is available to everyone? Many people may believe that in their particular circumstances, change is not possible.

Here I need to tell the tale of an 83 year old man who was about as sweet and caring as Attila the Hun. He made Saddam Hussein look like your fairy godmother. He was a negative, pessimistic, angry, and violent man. Over the years he developed an enlarged heart, diabetes, a hernia, had most of his bowel removed to bowel cancer, got prostate cancer and a severely blocked aorta. Today, he is the most serene, gentle, thoughtful and kind, wonderful man. He had the choice of health, instead he chose always being right. He later discovered in his ‘wisdom’ that there truly is no value in anything other than the value he assigns it. So, he let go of being right and chose peace and contentment. My father is today one of my inspirations as to how anyone can change at any age, and more importantly, from any state of mind.

6. Your emphasis in the book is clearly that we are each in control of our futures to a large extent. What would you say to those that feel like they are victims of circumstances?

Some-one who feels like a victim in life has not discovered how to use their power to their own benefit. Just like Dorothy in the wizard of Oz, she had the power all along – she just did not know how to activate it to get it to work for her. ‘Victims’ have the power 24/7, it is an asset literally at their fingertips. It can be an ally in this adventure called life or left operating by default can wreak havoc and sabotage our best laid plans for success. I mean no-one ever intends to have a heart attack but you have to ask… did they mean to have a strong healthy heart? What plans did they have in place to ensure the end result of health… or was it left to chance or worse plotted against from the outset with a diet of saturated fats, sugars and other toxins. Again, the right knowledge used empowers people to take control of their lives to create the results that they do want. Find more ways to feel good and less ways to feel bad – it all starts with a choice of focus.

7. There is a saying that ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ If our lives seem to be Ok, why make changes?

The question, where health is concerned is, are our lives really OK or are we in denial so that way we don’t have to change. For most people, change means pain, so we wait until they both mean the same thing, then we will change in order to avoid pain. Problems don’t get better with inattention. What is OK today, may not be in 10, 20 – 30 years time. i.e. smoking, eating/drinking to excess, lack of exercise, narcotics all lead to an accumulated effect. Just like a bank account – you get to draw out whatever you have put in. If what you are putting in is toxic or poisonous the outcome is not so surprising.

Heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke are not by-products of the aging process, they are by-products of lifestyle choices. There is nothing normal about these degenerative diseases. Just in the last generation, 77 million baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964 now experience a 600% increase in diabetes. In 1912 heart disease was virtually unknown, now it is our number one killer of which one million people will die from its effects. Toxic food, toxic people, toxic thoughts all create effects in our lives. If illness is not necessary, why experience it? Your actions may be OK today, however what will they accumulate to? I think of smokers with a tube in their throats; I bet you they wish they had given up sooner.

8. A lot of people may think that your philosophy sounds great but that in the ‘real’ world it’s all too hard!

That’s the ‘but’… You can have the reason or the results, you have room for only one. Some people argue ‘but I don’t have time’ to eat better, exercise more…etc. Well guess what, you’ll have time to die or get sick – so you had better make time for your health. Your results are your choice.

9. Rosie, what is your driving passion?

To empower others to make informed choices that lead to personal responsibility for their own wellbeing.

10. Why?

Because people are powerful, not some of the time…all of the time and powerful people are the ones that ‘dare to care’. Imagine a life free of disease, free of pain, free of greed and free of need. Is it possible?….we’ll never know unless we give it a go!