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Yes, Yes, Yes, I have been M.I.A ( Missing in Action) for some time and those that know me, know that I am not going to make excuses, I am going to share and add value instead. As a start it is with great honour as a founding contributor to Motivational Speakers International, that I can announce the new Motivations Magazine and how you can grab a free subscription right now and get access to hundreds of great articles, audios and resources for inspiration. Read my article and pay it forward by posting on social media or resending this email- This article matches my feeling about some upcoming announcements that I will be letting you all in on very very shortly as well as the pre release of my latest book, ‘Cracking the Human Code’ this goes alongside a new tv series; stay tuned… Link to article: http://www.motivationsmagazine.com/celebration-times-come-on/ There’s loads more for now in the magazine for personal and business growth with leading experts in their fields; including our Aussie lovable King of Body Language Alan Pease. And for those dealing with challenges at this time, below is the link to this article which has been inspiring to many and so I share it with you here now; http://www.motivationsmagazine.com/happy-to-be-me/ If you have enjoyed these and the other resources join now whilst it’s free and share so many more can all be inspired… Make sure you scroll all the way to the end of this newsletter to see my latest book release & click on the ‘Learn More’ to get my special Pre-Release Offer as my personal thankyou for your ongoing loyal support and encouragement. Stay in touch and let me know your thoughts about my latest book! I love to hear from you although I am not always able to reply quickly though I am sure you will forgive me on that knowing that I am busy showing up as the ‘best I can be for myself and others’ personally and professionally… As always Kick But and Much love … Rosie

 Cracking the Human Code

Cracking the Human Code An unlikely Paranormal Profiler seeks to crack the human code in exploring the unorthodox, unexplained and unusual, that is, until now! A fascinating and impressive blending of the mysteries of the cosmos, archaeology, physics and religions as seen through the eyes of this seasoned investigator and former Police Officer. Journey on a personal tale of one crime fighters exploits with the supernatural to transform a life of violence, crime and anguish that led to the belief that ‘Paranormal is the new normal!’ Remarkable and inspiring, to be read not only by believers but by people seeking new direction in their search for answers. Intriguing and very interesting. The mantra “there is always more…” aptly fits this book crammed full of mind blowing insights.

About Rosie Pekar

A former Police Officer and investigator who once enforced mans laws now investigates supernatural laws bringing the expertise and credibility required to navigate quantum leaps from the unreal to real. Rosie has travelled the globe providing inspirational training programs, is the author of 3 other motivational books and continues to explore all things unusual, unexplained and unbelievable just for the fun of it. She lives happily on the Gold Coast, Australia with her young son.