Motivate Yourself And Your People

Rosie Pekar ‘But kicker’ is a ‘must hear’ when it comes to changing and challenging thought processes, she an expert at Motivational Speaking.

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Do you dream of greater success… or yearn for something more?

“These Step-by-Step Techniques Will Accelerate You – Warp Speed – Past Your Internal Roadblocks…

Direct to Getting Exactly What You Want!”


- 2 Day Deliberate Creation Training Camp -

Deliberately Create All the Health, Wealth & Happiness You Want… from the Inside Out. Raise Yourself Beyond Your Expectations to be a Success!

You see, once you experience a ‘Deliberate Creation’ two-day workshop, you’ll walk away with proven success strategies – little known life tools & step-by-step ideas – that you can use immediately to skyrocket your success beyond all your expectations.

It’s True!! You can create your own amazing success!

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Make it Happen Now! Time to Kick BUT!

When Success is the only Option; Kick But!

This 80 minute presentation is for people with an insatiable appetite for success. You’ll be empowered with 7 proven success strategies- each segment packed with magical, manifesting, make it happen material that you can use immediately to skyrocket your success beyond all expectations. No Buts about it!

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Powerful Being! Being a BUTkicker!

Would you like to Revitalise YOU!

From Failure to Success…

Get back the ‘Get up & Go’ that got up and went! and better results than ever before imagined

Find out HOW to get others to help you ACHIEVE

Get MORE done with Less!

Reduce your stress levels.


Rosie developed her ‘Butkicking Basics’ to enable you to create more effective and productive relationships and careers through simple,quick lifestyle fixes.

Rosie’s presentation will have you tackling life’s problems head on to get the results you want. Time to kick But! Time to get the life you deserve.

Power is a WAY of Being! Not some of the time…ALL of the time!

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Great Health – It’s a Living Thing

If you plan to add years to your life, how do you make sure you’ll have life left in those years?

This is a unique opportunity to discover:

  • How to improve your health and vitality in only 3 extra minutes a day
  • How to transform a life of surviving into healthy thriving
  • How to bust out of that rut and get the results you want
  • How to beat disease and develop robust health

NO BUTS, NO EXCUSES, now is the time! Time to kick but!

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Retail Theft – Get THIEF SMART!

How much are you losing every year through theft?

This workshop could save you tens of thousands of dollars!

You will learn:

  • How to identify and look out for the takers and thieves
  • How to develop smart strategies for protecting your people, property and premises.

Rosie combines her unique experience as a private investigator, police officer and security specialist to bring you a workshop that will inform, surprise you and equip you with essential skills to manage theft in your business. 16 years in the legal business has made Rosie Thief Smart and within hours, you can be too.

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