Corporate Workshops

Rosie is available for keynotes, half day, full day and two day programs to suit your specific needs. Call to discuss your proposal.


1 Day: New Generation Emotional Intelligence Time to Kick But!

  • A fully interactive one day seminar designed to help your team acquire resilience, positive emotional intelligence and momentum to positively transform working environments. Utilizing newfound skills and neuroscience to identify, engage and redirect the emotions of others and confidently increase personal persuasion and innovation with this ability to read, master and learn from emotions during this corporate workshop.


2 Day : Quantum Leadership-Deliberate Creation Training Camp

  • A groundbreaking experience designed to identify and expose individual and collective limiting beliefs and practices within the workplace and foster the development of intelligent growth, motivation and empowerment in a highly motivational and uniquely experiential environment. Program is specifically tailored to outcomes addressing workplace issues identified as ‘problematic’. Utilises the latest innovation in brain retraining, neuroscience, nlp and psycho-neuroimmunology for enhanced sensory development and emotional resilience training for today’s leaders.


2 Day : Second day of the Quantum Leadership-Deliberate Creation Training Camp

  • Continuation of program and individual consultation for participants to ensure ongoing commitment.


½ Day:  S’hero’s. A Woman’s Journey in Leadership.

  •  60- 80 min Keynote addressing the unique issues facing personal and professional challenges of women in leadership and includes ‘how to’s’ in attaining and maintaining those roles from the perspective of a female Leader, Global Trainer and prior Police Officer to combat challenges. Additional question and answer time to address specific issues raised during the corporate workshop.
  • Includes ‘How U.D.I.F.F.E.R’,  7 strategies for success.

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My Programs – My Pledge…


Congratulations. You are one of the few who do, instead of the many who ‘say they will do’. Fabulous, as this means that you are already ahead in this game of life as you have chosen to become; an XTREME LEADER!

(now for those that are annoyed that I have spelt this word ‘incorrectly’ – whoever said that there was only one way to spell a word, or for that matter…one way to perform, think, live etc…I believe I have made my point. It’s a little point of difference that makes all the difference!)

If you are looking for conventional or same old then you will just get the same old results you always have. Not us…we are pioneers, we are adventurers of mind and life and we are the transformers…the new Alchemists of life!

There is no turn back point, it’s like having committed to that bungy jump… the second you leave the platform it is all new territory…I am your bungy cord, I am here to keep you secure throughout the new experience of the leap to the point where it is fun and then no longer necessary just as this journey of change is instigated and the initial daunting or challenging aspect is completed- you will have the knowledge at all times as well as access to myself and your own higher self for guidance. This is the beauty of this relationship, the fact is that no matter where I am in the globe or who I am with, I hear countless similar tales of adversity and challenge. Yes, you can change the names and the details of events however the feeling states will be similar and this is what we are seeking greater awareness and control of- our feeling states.

Finding more ways to feel good and less ways to feel bad, in turn attracts to us more to feel good about!

There is a true statement that “You can’t fight what you can’t see,” All of us see much better the problems outside of ourselves and that is why we get caught up and immersed in our own- we do not realise that there is a problem until we are face first slammed into it. This is my area of expertise, throughout all my years of policing and then working with severely injured people to get them back into the workplace and then with trauma therapy in devastated regions after natural disasters, and again with successful people plateauing and suffering depression-

I have been and continue to be a guide, a leader and a server of humanity in destroying all the negative patterns and processes of body and mind that serve to imprison, limit or depreciate our worth.

In doing so I have learnt it is not necessary or desirable to have to suffer in order to gain mastery of your life and life circumstances. What is necessary is the open mind, the willingness of spirit to try something new and the perseverance and dedication to commit to the I AM WORTH THIS program- you do that and I will share all I know in the best way I know how. That is my commitment to all my programs!


So, let us begin…